How To Choose Between ETFs and Mutual Funds

Before investing in either an ETF or a Mutual Fund, it is best to understand how different investment accounts work. An investment account can store both ETFs and Mutual funds, and the decision for picking an account should be based on tax benefits, access to the funds, and the need for a collateral loan. There […]

How To Double Your Results In Life

One of the best lessons that I learned in life is from the book the 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss, where he wrote, “Reality is negotiable.” There is a way to get what you want in today’s world, and it usually comes from getting better results from your effort. To negotiate with reality, you need to […]

The Psychology of Budgeting

Budgeting is both logical and emotional, and we shouldn’t strive to be cold-blooded creatures who try to optimize everything. We also don’t want to be utterly unrestrained in every transaction. Both extremes don’t lead to a healthy way of living. Rarely do things live in silo and are usually affected by many other things. This […]