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At Bautista Planning and Analytics, LLC, we understand the importance of clarifying, simplifying, and organizing your financial life. We recognize that you value the expertise of experienced advisors who can take a holistic approach to help you define goals, analyze options, make informed decisions, and implement effective strategies to achieve your financial objectives.
Our primary focus is to address your questions, reduce financial worries, and decrease complexity so that you can prioritize what truly matters in life. By partnering with us on an ongoing basis, you gain access to our expertise and stay informed about changes in finances, laws, and life circumstances.
We offer comprehensive financial planning services that cater to your specific needs. By obtaining a professionally done financial plan from us, you can save a significant amount of time and effort. On average, our clients save approximately 80 hours of research, analysis, and implementation that would otherwise be required. Instead, you can focus on what you love and leave the complex financial tasks to us.


Our monthly fee structure covers a customized review of your financial situation, goals, and needs, accompanied by specific recommendations. In the first month, we dedicate our efforts to building and presenting your personalized financial plan, with upfront fees amounting to $1750.

For the subsequent months, our focus shifts to implementing the recommendations outlined in your financial plan. We schedule three strategic meetings per year to review your progress, make any necessary adjustments, and ensure you stay on track towards your financial goals.
In addition, as part of our commitment to your success, you will receive comprehensive monthly progress reports. These reports provide detailed monitoring of your budget, balance sheet, retirement projections, and investment allocations. We believe that regular monitoring and analysis are essential to help you make informed decisions and maintain financial stability.
The ongoing fee for these services is $200 per month, and you have the flexibility to cancel with a 30-day notice.
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Planner Clients design and implement an integrated financial plan on a tri-annual basis covering selected aspects of their financial life, which can include:

Building, protecting and distributing wealth

Portfolio construction

Asset allocation

Estate planning

Life insurance

College funding

Retirement planning

Executive compensation

Planner Clients partner with us, initially and over time, to manage and maintain their financial plan through ongoing communication and collaboration that reflects changes in their life, planning strategies, the laws and the investment markets.

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