A better-organized business is a more successful business. For many companies, it is best to focus on corporate governance,  organizational chart, and financial management to remove the inefficiency that inhibits performance.

Watch this presentation to see how you should grow your business without going to school for an MBA.

How we use business analytics to create a more profitable business

Business Analytic Clients are ready to use descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to help them make better decisions with their business and discover any gaps within their operations. They see the value in partnering with experienced Analyst to take a investigative approach to defining goals, analyzing operations, making informed decisions, and implementing strategies to achieve their business goals.

Business Analytic Clients want to address their questions, reduce business worries, and decrease uncertainty so that they can get better results with less effort.

Business Analytic Clients partner with us on an ongoing or project basis to stay informed, access expertise, and make adjustments as changes in the business occur.

The framework for creating a more profitable business

Business Analytic Clients is administered on a hourly basis covering selected aspect of their business:

• Data Visualization

• Google Analytics

• Demand Modeling and Price Optimization

• Statistics and Sensitivity Analysis

• Data Structuring

• Fraud Detection

Business Analytic Clients partner with us, initially and over time, to be their strategic partner and collaborate on changes in their business operations.

How a business dashboard can help your business

How To Sign Up And Service Fee

The Business Analytics rates is paid on a hourly basis of $150. Minimum fee is $500 per project.

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