How Analytics Can Solve The Perfection Problem

Perfectionism is usually the enemy of done and how we can defeat this monster. We all probably know that one person won’t do something because things are not perfect. The weather isn’t right, they don’t have the right gear, they don’t have the right connections, or they don’t have the energy to get started. Things have […]

The Best Time To Plant A Tree As An Investing Strategy

The Power of Now No matter the setback or length of the journey, the best way to get ahead in most cases is to start taking action as soon as possible then make adjustments as more information is revealed or different resources are available. I also like to tell people: In life, there are the […]

How To Exponentially Accelerate Your Progress

The Factors That Affect Progress I’m big into taking personality tests because they help understand who I am, and particularly I like DISC. After taking the test, I found out I was Conscientious as my primary personality, which means I like to plan things out. My secondary personality is Dominance, which makes me very good […]

How To Deal With Federal Student Loans In Three Ways

What’s The Current Situation Since the beginning of the pandemic, President Trump suspended federal student loan payments with 0% interest accruing which has provided a lot of relief for borrowers since US student loan debt now exceeds $1.6 trillion. The average loan amount is predicted to be $38,147 for a 2021 high school graduate, and […]

Don’t Do SMART Goals, Do This First

Where You Should Start First If you don’t know what a SMART Goal is, it is an acronym that stands for: S – Specific M – Measurable A – Attainable R – Relevant T – Time-bound Someone can create a SMART goal, but that doesn’t mean they stick with it. It’s best to figure out […]

How a Traditional 401k Can Be Better Than a Roth

Start With The Fundamentals When it comes to investing, the three components that help someone be successful are: The amount you invest The time that the money is invested The rate of return that the investment gets The two components that someone can control are the amount they invest and how long they invest. If […]

Probably Last Year To Save On Crypto Taxes Using this Loophole

How Did We Get Here It’s been about ten years since people started buying cryptocurrency. In the beginning, you had to go on strange exchanges like Mt. Gox that required a lot of hoops to jump through to purchase bitcoin at $1. Now it’s so much easier to partake in crypto, where 55% of people […]

What Does It Take To Fund A Roth

How To Think About Tax Advice If you look at social media, you have a bunch of money coaches who say the Roth is the best thing you can invest into. Whenever you hear all or nothing advice, you should question if that advice is the best thing for you. It could be good for […]

If You Want Things To Stay The Same, Do This

What We Are Seeking For Marines, one of the best experiences is going to their first unit. When a Marine first hits the fleet after going through boot camp and MOS school, it’s their first sense of freedom. They can go out of town without having to checkout with their boss, the schedule is more […]

How To Choose Between ETFs and Mutual Funds

Before investing in either an ETF or a Mutual Fund, it is best to understand how different investment accounts work. An investment account can store both ETFs and Mutual funds, and the decision for picking an account should be based on tax benefits, access to the funds, and the need for a collateral loan. There […]