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Self-Development Clients seek professional knowledge, expertise and support to help them grow their inner circle success (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional) so they can pursue their outer circle success (career, financial, and relationships).

Self-Development Clients see the value in partnering with an experienced coach to design, implement and manage a holistic strategy to help them grow their inner circle.

Self-Development Clients view professional management as a way to accomplish their outer circle goals while freeing up valued personal time.


Self-developing coaching is paid on a quarterly or monthly basis that covers a customized review of your goals and needs, and provides specific recommendations. Fees range from $1500 – $5,000, and the fee is calculated on 1.5% of your gross income or net worth, which is higher, until fee reaches $5,000.

Annual self-development coaching engagements provide ongoing review, advice and management of self-development strategies. Minimum annual fees: $1,500.


Self-Development Clients design and implement a holistic strategy appropriate to their situation, risk tolerance and goals.

Self-Development Clients receive ongoing
guidance and service, which can include:

Goal Setting

Guidance on how to improve your physical self

Guidance on how to improve your mental self

Guidance on how to improve your emotional self

Guidance on how to improve your spiritual self

Clients experience support and communication as it relates to self-developing coaching.

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