Winners Stay Ready

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In this episode, we discuss how winners like Lebron James stay ready for the competition at all times and how you should too.

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Hi Everyone, welcome to the You’re Daily Cup of Joe Podcast, with your host Joe Bautista. In this podcast, my goal is to give you quick lessons on how to grow yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually so you can have better careers, better relationships, and better personal finances.
I’m also the author of the book “More You Know, More You Grow: How to Get Better Every Day”. In this book, I wrote down over 30 tips to help you grow in those four cornerstones. I’m also the founder of Grow With Joe, where I combine self-development coaching and financial planning for Latino Professionals.
In today’s episode, we’re are going to talk about how winners stay ready. If you look at Lebron James, he spends over a million dollars a year on his body so that he is in top shape throughout the NBA season. At age 34 years old about to turn 35 in December, he needs to take care of his body. I heard on a sports show where an old NBA player said that players of the past worked out but the players today train. And that is what needs to happen with us. We need to train every single day, in one way or another.
If you get injured, then there are other things you do to train your mind while you recover. Warren Buffett reads about 500 pages a day because he is training his mind to see opportunities and he is only going to see those opportunities if he spends time training his mind.
I would look at your week, and how much time is dedicated to training? Are you training your body to become stronger and to have more endurance? Are you training your mind to handle more complex problems in the future? You have to remember that time and decay move in the same direction when you stop training, your skill will start to diminished and it doesn’t take long. I heard on a podcast that rock climber who stops training for a weekly, will set them back tremendously.
I’m about to start an online MBA program and I feel more than ready for it because of my training for the past three years. I write about 1,500 words every day and I read for at least 30 minutes every single day. So when I saw that I had to read 100 pages in a week for school, I was like that is going to be too easy. Plus 1,500 hundred words on a word doc is like two pages for school and if I have to write a ten-page paper, I know I’m going to be just fine. When I stop writing or reading, I notice a difference that I’m not the same and I just need to get back into training.
I know I’m going to kill it at school because I never stopped training. Training is so important because it is going to help achieve more of our goals. Like the old saying goes “We don’t rise to our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” So don’t expect that you will rise to the occasion. You can get lucky but do you really want to put your fate into the gods’ hands? I wouldn’t want to do that. I’m going to put my fate into my own hands and I’m going to do that by training before the event happens.
You don’t know when an opportunity will come your way. I remember in the Marines, we would have surprise boards to get a promotion. You would get interviewed and they might even do a uniform inspection. So if you were ready, you might get a promotion out of it. That can help you will your career and help you get paid more. If you didn’t stay ready then that opportunity would just pass you by. All opportunities that are passed will get picked up by someone else, might as well ensure that is you who can pick up the opportunity.
A good way to know if you’re keeping up your training is to have metrics for yourself. My goal for reading for the year is 36 books a year. If I can read 36 books a year, I know I’m getting a sufficient amount of training for my brain. I also told myself that I will go to the gym at least five times a week and I will do at least 20 pull-ups when I go there. I also strive for 10,000 steps a day so I make sure I go on two walking breaks during work as my breaks. If I do this, then I can ensure that I have the strength and endurance to handle my day. There are other things that I do to train myself at work and that what life is really about. Constantly training yourself so you stay ready for whatever comes your way.
If you practice being emotionally and spiritually strong, this will just make you more resilient to whatever comes your way and you’ll be able to bounce back even faster. Will you crack under the pressure of everything going wrong around, or can you calmly pick-up all the pieces one at a time and fix everything? If you constantly put yourself in a situation that will train to become stronger, then you’ll be unstoppable as a person. I’ve cracked up some pressures in the past because they were so stressful, but now that I’m running my own business and I have to deal with the uncertainty of getting customers, I don’t feel that stressed because I’ve been in this situation before and I know I have to deal with the uncertainty. I know I have many tools to use because I’ve spent time training with those tools. So I’m glad that I went through those tough times in the Marines and with running my last business because it made me so much more mentally tough to handle life now.
I’m just trying to stay ready for life and take advantage of any opportunity that comes my way. When life gets tough, I want to make it a five-minute problem and not a problem that takes away from my health and lasts forever. If I get asked to do something that is a once in a lifetime, then I want to make sure that I can take it. Being ready for life will make you have a great life. You’ll be satisfied as a person and you will be less frustrated and aimless. I walk into my day ready for whatever comes my way and I know I’ll be ready for it to best of my ability and that’s all I can do.
That’s it for today’s episode, to summarize it, winners stay ready while amateurs have excuses why they can’t train to stay ready. If you want to have everything that winners have, then you need to stay ready as a person and constantly train your body and mind. If you can do this, you’ll have fewer low days and more days that are good or great. So take a look at your life and ask yourself if you need to train harder or more? Then start doing it. If you’re training too much, don’t burn yourself out. Life is short so mix your training with some of the pleasures of life because once they’re gone they’re gone.
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