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Who We Help

We provide tailored financial planning strategies for young professionals and growing families. Our clients commonly first generations Latinos who don’t have that much information about how to grow and keep their money. Whether it is creating a student loan repayment strategy, maximizing employee equity compensation, or building a tax-efficient portfolio, we are here to be your lifelong financial planning partner. Our version of financial planning stretches far beyond the numbers. We help our clients use their financial resources as a tool for designing their ideal life. Click here to view client service guide.

With self-development coaching, we believe that in order to have the outer circle success with your relationship, career, and personal finances, you need to work on yourself first with your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self. Click Here to take my quiz to see what your inner circle score is.

How To Get Started

We begin with a complimentary meeting. This gives us a chance to get to know each other, learn about your goals, and determine if we’re a good fit working together. While based in Oregon, we can work with clients on a virtual basis throughout the country.

Meet Joe Bautista

Grow With Joe Hiking

Joe Bautista has been a financial advisor for the past five years. He holds degrees in Public Health and Economics and is currently doing his MBA at Syracuse University. 

He loves to write, workout, go hiking, listen to podcasts, play fantasy basketball, and read.

He is also the author of “More You Know, More You Grow” and you can grab the audio book for free here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people believe they are hiring a financial planner to help them invest. While investments play a crucial role, financial planning extends far beyond the investments. Bringing all the elements of your financial life together is a challenging task. As financial planners, our job is to help you achieve your life goals, act as your long-term accountability partner, and bring the necessary competence to help you make the best decisions.

Our typical client is a young professional, or family, who is driven, ambitious, and ready to take control of their financial lives.
Young professionals and their families are often underserved by many firms due to asset minimums or net worth thresholds. We enjoy playing an integral role in our clients’ lives as they accumulate wealth and progress further into their careers.
As a fee-only firm, our compensation comes solely from the services we provide for you. We’re not compensated with commissions, kickbacks, “trails” or any other fees that aren’t directly reflected on our website. We have signed a fiduciary oath and hold ourselves to the highest standard.


Our focus remains on our clients and helping them to the best of our ability without being deterred by selling products.